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The benefits of minimally invasive laparoscopy.

Because laparoscopy – or “scope” surgery – involves tiny incisions, patients heal and recover much more quickly – with much smaller scars and with far fewer complications. Patients also benefit from being treated by two of the best-qualified laparoscopic surgeons in the entire region. They are board-certified and fellowship-trained and hold memberships in some of the most prestigious medical associations.

Scope surgery preferred for many conditions.

Because our physicians have such exceptional success rates with advanced laparoscopic surgery, they are alone in central California and among a small percentage of physicians nationwide who perform all of their procedures laparoscopically. They have had a high degree of success and are often called upon for expert help with:

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Complex hiatal hernia
  • GI cancers (benign & malignant) & resections
  • Tumor resections
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Endocrine problems
  • Splenectomy
  • Adrenalectomy
  • Swallowing disorders (achalasia)

Your first choice for minimally invasive bariatric weight loss.

When a patient’s health is compromised by morbid obesity, a comprehensive bariatric program is the only proven method for long-term treatment of the disease. That’s why choosing the right bariatric weight loss surgeon is so critical to the patient’s long-term prognosis and overall health. Our programs include comprehensive evaluation, screening, education about nutrition and proper exercise, pre- and postsurgical support and long-term care.

There is no rush to surgery. Too often, this compromises patient safety and leads to a poor outcome. NAL’s complication rate ranks among the lowest when compared to national benchmarks, a tribute to their surgical experience, skill and patient care.

Their weight loss patients embark on an active preparation program that includes nutritional, emotional and exercise support. Patients see Dr. Patching or Dr. Grinberg at every visit, including postsurgical visits. They place strong emphasis on motivating patients to make critical lifestyle changes. They combine good old-fashioned, patient-focused medicine with exceptional bedside manners.

Leading-edge surgeries.

We offer a comprehensive array of leading-edge surgical options to suit the individual needs of every patient.

Putting patient education and safety first.

All of our bariatric patients begin their weight loss journey by attending a 60- to 90-minute orientation hosted by our physicians. You’ll learn about your surgical options in a relaxed, informal setting. Dr. Grinberg and Dr. Patching are extremely personable and approachable, and they will encourage your questions.

Should you decide to take the next step toward weight loss surgery, you can expect a thorough prescreening to ensure that you are a good candidate. Your safety is the primary concern as we complete a comprehensive medical history, a behavioral evaluation and a series of medical tests before considering surgery.

The physicians and their caring staff will work with your primary doctor to monitor your health and progress and to ensure your continued safety until you achieve your personal goals. Our doctors are here for you before, during and long after surgery.

Partnering with you and your physician.

The physicians at NORCAL Advanced Laparoscopy (NAL) are committed to partnering with each patient and referring physician to help achieve better health and quality of life. We place a high value on clear, informative communication with our patients and their physicians.

Over the years, we have received referrals from hundreds of area doctors. Referring physicians appreciate that we work closely and cooperatively with them. They know they can count on us for timely, detailed information on their patients’ condition and progress before and after any procedure.

Laparoscopic and weight loss surgery has never been this safe and convenient for patients. This is because they are performed by the most experienced laparoscopy experts who make your safety and peace of mind their paramount concern. Talk to a NAL specialist now for your much-needed GI care. Call our Sacramento office at 916-568-5564 .

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