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These are of the stories of our happy patients at NORCAL Advanced Laparoscopy (NAL) that inspire us to continue striving for excellence:

"I met with Dr. Gary Grinberg for treatment of a, Giant Ventral/Incisional Hernia. Dr. Grinberg was extremely thorough in explaining all of my surgery options, including my hospital stay, recovery time and follow up visits. I appreciated his candor, and am extremely pleased with his recommendation of Laparoscopic surgery. At 76 years of age, any surgery is unwelcome, I am grateful to Dr. Grinberg for his knowledge and professional manner, he is certainly a standout in the medical profession. Sincerely H.W." -H.W.

"I was diagnosed with a severe hiatal hernia and was directed to contact a good surgeon. Through a friend, I was referred to Dr. Gregory Graves and he referred me to Dr. Grinberg and Dr. Patching's office as the best to help me with my problem. My husband and I met with Dr. Grinberg and we spent more than an hour discussing my condition and he was very professional and comforting in his approach and explanation. He ordered several sophisticated tests to establish the needed details to ensure the success of the proposed surgery. Both my husband and I felt very confident with Dr. Grinberg's explanation and description of the surgical procedures given at our pre-op meeting. Three days later, January 5, 2009, I had my surgery at Sutter General and the 4-hour surgery went very well (as described by Dr. Grinberg) and as I experienced in the following days and weeks. I am pleasantly surprised by the rapid recovery and the fact that all of the steps, procedures and results were very close to those described by Dr. Grinberg prior to my surgery. I am very happy with the results of my surgery and have Dr. Grinberg to thank for my present health and return to a normal diet and living condition. He is a very good doctor and a very conscientious person that treats his patients "as though they were one of his own family" – a phrase and statement that he told me during my pre-op meeting. He did treat me as one of his family and I am eternally grateful." - J.E.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, so much for the successful operation. I feel much better now and am able to do my daily tasks comfortably and with confidence. In my opinion the laparoscopic operation that you performed is the best way to do this operation. The recovery time was very brief and the signs of the operation are nearly gone now. I can hardly tell that I had a hernia operation done, the scars are nearly invisible now. The best thing about this whole thing is that I feel safe again to do the things I enjoy doing, like exercising and gardening and so on. When I had the hernia injury, I felt physically vulnerable and cautious, afraid of doing anything physical that might injure myself further. Just after the operation, while I was healing, I wondered if I would ever be the same again. Now, a month or so later, I hardly think about it at all, so much so, that I nearly forgot to write to you to thank you and your good staff for your courtesy and friendly professionalism. Again many, many thanks to you and your friendly staff. Sincerely, E.R."

"Diet and exercise was not enough, at 29 years old and 318lbs, I knew that my health was starting to decline. After much research and consideration I decided, I might be a candidate for weight loss surgery. After attending Dr. Grinberg’s weight loss seminar, I felt comfortable enough to schedule a consult with him to discuss my options and have him answer all my questions. After my initial consultation with Dr. Grinberg his credentials, professionalism, and pleasant demeanor impressed me. I was relieved to have found an experienced bariatric surgeon in the area. Dr. Grinberg and his staff genuinely care for his patients and in September 2009 I had Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. I can truly say it was right choice for me. The surgery was a success, I am two months post-op, and the weight is melting off. I have more energy, confidence and have no regrets." -H.L.

"I thought about weight loss surgery for a long time. Though I knew it was an option, I never really thought I would be one of those people to go ahead with it. But with my 30th birthday rapidly approaching, I realized I had to do something to change myself for the better. I was borderline Diabetic and had the beginnings of high blood pressure. Being morbidly obese was severely affecting my self esteem and relationships with others. So I had a consultation with Dr. Grinberg in May of 2009. His experience in the field of weight loss surgery impressed me. He is more than thorough, and never seemed in a rush to discuss any and all concerns with me. But his honesty is what helped me to make one of the most important decisions in my life. Dr. Grinberg told me that weight loss surgery is not the end-all fix all, it is only a "tool for change". He would provide that tool, but it was and is up to me to provide the heart and dedication. I liked how much he stressed healthy eating habits and routine exercise. I wasn't just rushed through the process into the next available surgery date. Dr. Grinberg and his staff made sure that I was a good and able candidate for surgery, I wasn't just a number to them. I had surgery August 2009. I have now lost 80 lbs and continue to lose. This was a life changing process, and I now have self esteem, something I was lacking my entire life. That is the ultimate gift, and I am forever thankful." - M.B.

"Hi Dr. Grinberg, M's Mom here. Just wanted to thank you for giving me my daughter back. There were times before her surgery that I did not recognize the person she had become. It was so very far from the darling little girl she once was. I watched as she grew bigger and bigger and was beside myself with worry. You have given her her life back and given me back a beautiful daughter. There are not enough words to thank you. My love, Mrs. B" - L.B.

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